I’m looking for bold test-pilots

Why use æ?

The happiest and most vibrant people on Earth,

are those who use their gifts and abilities

to create great things, in a unique way.

But, they often need encouragement and focus.

I will send you the currency of æ daily,

to focus on your highest direction,

and encourage you to use your

genius to attempt the miraculous.

A chain of people expands from you along this neurone-

all sending æ and encouragement to each other

for as long as the internet exists..

with the history of everyone’s endeavours

indellibly recorded in the blockchain

for eternity.

Over time, by streaming the currency of æ

to others - i’m hoping you will develop

the power of your heart,

the place of your highest intuition,

your wisdom, and your

sense of higher purpose.

æ creates a network of people

around you

encouraging each other

to do beautiful things.

I call this a neurone - just like the one

firing across your brain right now

as you ponder on your highest possibility.

Change your life direction.

Ask yourself: what is my highest possibility?

And click the logo to register.

Help someone you adore to find their purpose

How do I learn more?

We meet on Zoom, to learn how to

use the currency of æ,

get help, network,

and discuss our endeavours.

Go here for times

I have observed that people who do bold things

are often the most heartfelt.

It is their hearts that call them to nurture

human being and the planet,

in extraordinary ways

unique to themselves.

What is æ?

æ is a private bockchain currency

created to solve the problems of Humanity.

æ engages the user to explore

their highest passion, and then to apply

their gifts to creating beautiful things here.

What do I do with æ?

Firstly, you focus on this question:

What is something you

can do today, which is beautiful?

I’ll be asking this everyday,

as I send you the currency of æ.

Soon, you may discover

the big beautiful thing which

lights you up inside, and which brings

joy and healing to the world.

What happens next with æ?

In time, I’m going to support you to find people in

your life who are craving the same experience:

to discover what amazing thing they can do

with their time on this planet.

You may send them æ currency,

and encourage them to begin now.

And that’s when the magic happens...


What does æ cost?

Nothing. Not a brass razzo.

æ is free. It is not purchaseable, tradeable

or convertible. It belongs to everyone who uses it.

If you want æ, or want some more

you only have to ask.

All I need to know is

are you using it to create good things

or, helping others create good things?

Is the tech tricky?

æ is held in your private wallet on the web,

accessible on your smart phone. No downloads.

With each transfer of æ

you may add a message of support

to the people you send it to...

æ has a timer in it which is designed to make people

action conciously and quickly.. the receiver has

24 hours in which to send it to another person,

or it reverts back to the sender.

The means æ moves through a network

of users consistently every day.

Every person you stream æ to
force-multiplies your creativity into other forms, 
and transmits your nurture through Time.

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