The essence of play for small children is that they create things. They imagine experiences, reenact them, and then learn something from their play. This then develops a part of the brain which allows the faculty for a human Being to propose solutions, and to imagine scenarios. Such a faculty is an essential tool allowing a person to navigate the unknown, and deal with lifes challenge, using their imagination to fathom their possibilities.

A dire threat to this development comes from screens. Young children who substitute screens for creative play, lose the capacity to develop their faculty of imagination. The area of the brain stimulated by creative play atrophies for lack of use, and those children enter adulthood lacking a sense of their own possibility. People without possibility often present with depression and addictions later life, because they lack the innate capacity to navigate through their life challenges using their imagination. They are often open to manipulation by the media, lacking the ability to propose their own truth because they have no capcity to imagine life can be different. Screens produce a hypnosis in people, if they have been trained for decades to accept what is presented is the undeniable truth.

This endeavour of æ proposes that we protect children from screens. Give æ to a parent, and ask them to direct their child to play creatively, rather than passively vegetate in front of a computer, phone or iPad.


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