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What is æ?

æ is a cryptocurrency which helps people pursue

their highest direction. With æ, people do beautiful

things to raise up Human beings,

regenerate our planet, and bring joy here.

æ is sent free into your digital wallet each day.

As you receive æ, you’ll begin to focus

on the possibility for creating something

bold here, which allows you to follow

your hearts desire.

How does æ work?

Anything you choose which is beautiful.

The person who sends you æ

encourages you to find something

unique to do with your gifts

to raise up others, and to keep you

pursuing your highest possibility.

What can I create with æ?

What do I have to do with æ?

(It doesn’t cost any money)

In time, you may choose to send æ

to others - people you adore,

or those who join your Quest -

so they too may honour

their hearts calling.

And then you can encourage them.


æ then creates your extended network: people focussed on doing beautiful things, and exchanging help

and encouragement to

explore their own genius

for nurturing our planet.