The æ endeavour for Understanding holds the vision for a new model for how we come to know the truth.

When someone uses æ to create regeneration here, it appears to generate neural pathways in the sheath around their heart, an area where a human Being imagine and intuit in extraordinary ways. Their thought processes expand synapsis across the body - proliferating neural possibilties from the brain through the Central Nervous System, to organs and glands.

Such people develop a tool for understanding beyond the cerebral. They arrive at stunning insight, through “feeling” -  the palable sensation within the body of the rightness of any hypothesis or conclusion. This is how people know things to be true, not just by intellect, but by the sum total of their Heart, their Body, and their Being.

Create an Endeavour where you we enrol others with a higher faculty for understanding, to test existing suppositions for their truth:

Let’s explore the “givens” of science like The Theory of Evolution, Cell theoryGerm theory, Collision theory, Kinetic theory of gases, Molecular theory, molecular orbital theory, Atomic theory, Big Bang theoryTheory of relativity, Quantum field theory, Climate change theory, Plate tectonics theory, and Game theory. And while we’re at it, why not test all knowledge arrived at through scientific method, for the veracity of its conclusions. We may indeed discover that something staggering: that the sun doesn’t revolve around the earth!

Those you enrol in this enquiry, give them æ to activate their own Regenerative endeavour. Your regeneration accelerates when you help those people regenerate, by helping them use their gifts and abilities to regenerate others, to regenerate others.

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