All forms of psychological counselling begin with a patient recounting their story of a past traumatic event. A person tells this dark story on a loop, and their perception of the event, and the meaning they give it, colours their current reality, and defines the trajectory of their future.

In this endeavour we regenerate Therapy, by applying a bold principle: ones past is in flux - it hasn’t happened yet. We hold that the past is created by what one chooses to remember, or even how what is remembered is interpreted. We rebuild the past literally, and then rebuild the principles that one can live by, to create their present and affect their future.

In this endeavour, we give æ to someone dealing with the anxiety of a past event, and we ask them to reimagine it. We ask them to tell a new story. and that that whatever happened was actually a profoundly positive experience, as it produces a psychology in them for joy. In this way, we regenerate a person by regenerating their past, and through literally regenerating the neural pathways in their brain and central nervous system.

We encourage the person to start a Regenerative endeavour with æ, out of the new verifications they have arrived at. Because ones regeneration accelerates when they use æ to help others regenerate others, to regenerate others.

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