Give æ to someone you adore to develop a gift within a person with “Autism Spectrum Disorder” - and help us with this endeavour to reimagine them, not as a victims of an illness, but as people possessing a higher faculty, who advance Human beings.

The Aspie who receives your æ can start a Regenerative Endeavour for bringing their gift to the world.

People with Aspergers are widely misunderstood by neuro-typicals, who overlook their clarity and their possibility, and that they have their purpose here. Aspergers may not be a condition, but a development of the Human psyche. Humanity has been pushed forward by Aspies, whom have the focus to bring many brilliant inventions and ideas here. They are a gifted minority who have the capacity to live in the present - and apply the force of their extraordinary intellect to Humanity's problems. Aspies should be valued and admired for their gift, and nurtured to release their Genius.

It may be that Aspies have a latent abitlity to perceive human emotions

on a deeper level than neurotypicals, that is yet to have been observed!

And that discovery may occur when they use æ to help others regenerate others, to regenerate others.

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