In this endeavour we enrol endangered species into saving Humanity from extinction. We employ Bengal Tigers, Whales and Gorillias to regenerate Nature, ourselves and Human beings!

Here is how it works:

Choose a species to regenerate on the planet. Your endeavour is to raise awareness of its extinction, or create some practical act to expand that animals presence here, using your talents and abilities.

Then, use the endeavour as a vehicle to distribute æ to the people whom you involve. Encourage your supporters and collaborators are activated to use their æ to create their own endeavours to regenerate themselves, the world, and other endangered species, including humans.

In endeavours of æ, we regenerate by helping others to regenerate others,

to regenerate others. Your endeavour force multplies your act of regeneration into a zillion others.

Here is a list of endangered species - we will send you æ to create an endeavour for these Lifeforms.

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