Using æ in parenting, we hold a vision for a new model for how children are developed.

In the First World, children are over-nurtured. Without a channel to express their own need to nurture, a child who merely absorbs energy from parents, becomes unbalanced and undirected. Nurture actually becomes toxic to them!

Use æ to transform a challenging parenting relationship, whereby a child is developed through activating their own creative force.

We seek to channel a child’s nurture, by engaging them to care for the family, or for someone, or something, beyond themselves. The child becomes a ‘parent,’ by being primary to the development of something else. This gives a kid a purpose. And the most balanced and vibrant people on this earth, are those who have a great purpose: to raise up others and do something beautiful here.

In this Endeavour for parenting: give æ to a parent dealing with a difficult child. They create a regenerative endeavour with their child, which channels the kid’s nurture in a positive direction, to create life here. The parent gives æ to other parents dealing with challenging kids. And their endeavours distribute æ to those they involve. A difficult parenting relationship is thus regenerated, and activates the regeneration of others, and the world.

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