In using æ, our creativity has a higher purpose than making entertainment: our Quest is to use our talents to nurture others, regenerate them, lead them to some personal realisation, and expand their possibilities.. That is what Regenerative Music is for.

Using æ opens new neural pathways in our bodies, to enable us to imagine in extraordinary ways. So we may craft our music to affect the listener’s biochemistry, balance them, and open their psyche. We use music to activate a listener’s imagination, energise them, remind them of a great principle, and direct them on a bold new path. Music makes a person explore their highest direction.

Give æ to a musician you adore to to activate their own regeneration, by creating Regenerative Music. Help us pioneer music that heals and inspires, evokes more creativity, and creates more joy here!

Give æ to all people you involve in this endeavour, so they may start their own Regenerative project. Your regeneration accelerates when you help people regenerate, by helping them use their gifts and abilities to regenerate others, to regenerate others.

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