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æ means “regeneration.”

People use æ to regenerate their cells

by regenerating the Earth, Life and Humanity.


What is æ?

Human beings never not suffer from a lack of energy.The suffer from having too much!

A river of force - the Life-force - courses through our cells from the day we are conceived, and increases as we age.

What starts as a trickle when we are born, turns into a torrent in our latter years. In fact it could be that why we age, is because of its increased flow.

This river of force means our cells receive more energy than they can handle, and thus ‘oxidise' - to burn up in time. We are literally fried by too much energy, and humans die of illnesses caused by the torrent of energy surging through their bodies which they cannot utilise.

Here is my solution:

we divert the torrent of the Life force away from us, into something else, which acts as an ‘earth’ for our energy.

And ideally, we channel this force, into an act of regeneration: directing that excess force to regenerate Life itself here.

æ is a series of endeavours intended to channel peoples’ excess Life-force, into acts of regeneration.

In doing so, people divest themselves of the toxic force of the river, thus halting the degenerative effects on their cells.

They return their body to a state wherein it can regenerate itself, theoretically, endlessly.

In so doing, they create beautiful acts of regeneration on the planet to heal it, and to activate more regeneration of people.

When you join the æ Exchange, you are asked to elect to pursue one of these endeavours list on our projects page.

The endeavour you choose is a channel through which you direct your Life force into a bold act of regeneration.

This activates a circuit of energy drawing through you, and starts a path towards regenerating your biology, and your life direction..

But what happens next is magical: your endeavour radiates æ into the planet, to positively affect many, many more people.

Please know first, my giving you æ to start an endeavour creates a path in me to regenerate my cells. Thanks so very much!

As you develop your endeavour and involve others in it, I ask you to send them æ (which you receive from me). They may then start a regenerative endeavour of their own.

Helping people start endeavours of regeneration will enthrall you…you'll see when you help people start cool things in the world!

But it is when those people HELP STILL OTHER PEOPLE to start endeavours of regeneration, which evokes massive regeneration in you.

Because, people you help to create beautiful acts of regeneration, will pass their æ onto to others to do the same - and this cycle of regeneration repeats theoretically endlessly in time.

You will find out how profoundly transformative it is that your Life-force moves into the planet to regenerate others on an exponential scale.

So the concept in a nutshell:

æ is a phenomena where your own regeneration accelerates by your helping others to regenerate others to regenerate others.

A sort of ‘atomic fission occurs’, because every endeavour æ created, produces exponentially more endeavours…and activates more people, to help more people, TO HELP MORE PEOPLE regenerate.

In time, you may preside over a whole “mycelia” of people receiving æ through you, doing many beautiful things to raise up humanity, and heal our planet.

And that is sheer joy!

Please email me which endeavour you’ve elected to pursue  - so we can meet online and talk strategy: malcolm@malcolmcohan.com.

Thanks for helping me channel my force, and regenerate my cells.

Looking forward to helping you regenerate too, by helping you, help others to regenerate others.