We heal an illness by transforming it into an advancement of human faculty. People not only get better: they are literally “better than before.”

First we ask: what does it look like when the afflicted organ is developed into a higher function?

We start an Endeavour of Regeneration to heal oneself, and other human Beings, by focussing on regenerating this illness into a higher faculty. For example:

A viral illness is healed through ones aim to create Super-immunity. In that attempt, we imagine viruses repurposed for regeneration rather than degeneration.

Digestive disorders are healed through an endeavour to upgrade the bodies ability to break down nutrients, and utilise them in cell production on a massively greater scale. Fats, carbs, metals toxins and waste are profoundly reduced down to the basic building blocks that are turned into cells.

An endeavour to cure Diabetes by finding ways to draw consistent energy through the Human physiology without sugar.

Cancer is cured when all of the bodies cells are as robust, and aggressively regenerative as cancer cells.

Diseases of inflammation resolve by creating pristine neutral pH balance in the body and the bloodstream, no matter what is eaten.

Heart disease is eradicated when people develop extreme heartfelt abilities of empathy, intuition and relationship.

People suffering depression become the most joyful souls on the planet.

Dementia is healed by proliferating massive neural pathways though the brain and CNS allowing people more synapses available to remember in "hi-resolution."

Our healing endeavour is thus the vehicle to help others regenerate: we send æ to the people involved to activate them to create their own endeavours of regeneration.


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