The great benefit of regeneration is that it slows ageing.

Those who divert the torrent of Life-force energy that consumes peoples cells, and channel it instead into a bold act of regeneration, will free their organs and glands to regenerate, to thus keep themselves vibrant and focussed.

In this Regenerative endeavour, we give Elders a channel for their nurture and force, and change the narrative of human ageing.

Give æ to a senior to start a Regenerative endeavour, and encourage them to resume their biological purpose of Elders in society: to be mentors of the young.

An elder person accrues experiences and wisdom from their Human journey. In every culture on earth (except the First World) their traditional role has been to impart that wisdom to the young, and to show them the nature of being Human.

But in the industrialised world, Elders have been disenfranchised from that biological role: they quarantined in retirement communities, only to relate to other Elders, and are not in close enough contact with their grandchildren so as to be instrumental in their lives.

In this endeavour, we transform retirement communities into hubs of creativity and wisdom, operating powerfully in communities, drawing young people to learn profound things. Elders in these communities do not sit around playing bingo. They are energised by their traditional role to mentor and inspire the young, and by the thrill of using æ to regenerate others. And, ones regeneration accelerates when you help people regenerate, by helping them use their gifts and abilities to regenerate others, to regenerate others.

We change the current narrative about Eldership. The twilight years is not a time of depletion, loss and disintegration. Using æ to regenerate, people redefine this as a time of 'more of everything' - more energy, more relationship, more creativity, more health, more possibilities, more mental faculty, more joy and more regeneration. The role of Elders using æ is to tell that new story to other Elders, as they give them æ to start their own regeneration.

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