In traditional coaching, people are counselled to achieve some arbitrary financial aim, or a goal which promises happiness. But wealth, fame and success are ephemeral - they don’t sustain happiness, and are by their nature, inherently degenerative.

A greater joy comes from raising up others through creating regeneration on the planet, and in so doing, regenerating ones own cells.

In this endeavour we coach someone to create a Regenerative endeavour using æ. They find something beautiful to do here which channels their gifts and abilities, draws energy through them, and which then raises others up, and creates Life on earth.

We give æ to our clients, and ask them to choose one of our Regenerative endeavours here.

We encourage them to embark upon quest to do something beautiful here, which affects others, and keeps reproducing regeneration long after their time.

When they use their endeavour to distribute æ to those whom they involve…and then the magic happens.

In æ, our own regeneration occurs when we help regenerate others, by helping them regenerate others, to regenerate others.

So in effect, the person you coach, becomes a coach to many other people, and your coaching is thus force-multiplied.


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