Website Administrator

Looking for Scotty from Star Trek.

You drive the engine of the Æ Exchange.

You’re Endeavour is running the software

and the website, to keep it evolving.

Beam me up here.


I need your Genius

æ is created by special people

who know they are here for a great Purpose.

You are a pioneer, a leader, an artist

and a revolutionary.

Holographic Healers

æ creates regeneration and healing.

Have you been ill? Your healing is a journey

that heals everyone: Join us here.

Film-makers and Writers

We need to tell new stories.

You pioneer the concept of Holographic Media:

movies and words with a purpose.

Inspire everyone.

Software Designer

You’re the luminary who makes Computers ‘Holographic,’ so finally, they are useful.

Watch this movie. Then ping us here.


You pioneer Regenerative Leadership.

You lead by inspiration - applying our principles

to lead a new concept of community.

Apply here


That’s the aim of æ - to develop agricultural systems

aligned with nature, that produce food and energy for free.

We don’t need supermarkets, or high tension wires, anymore.

Start digging here.

Mother hen

That’s the role of our Centre Leaders:

people who create our groups in cities all over the planet.

You are a brilliant orchestrator, because you know

how to inspire people.

Get your baton here.


You swoop out of nowhere to encourage and inspire

and create amazing things here.

Pick up your wings here.


We need æ everywhere.

Can you translate our website, movies

and the Exchange into Swahili?  Talk to us.

Blah. Blah. Blah.

You are great at this.

The internet is like the back of your hand.

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. You know everything.

We need you to send our message everywhere:

Life is beautiful and we are here for joy.

I am your Mouseketeer.

What about me?

You’re the amazing person whom we don’t know yet that we need.

You know who you are. And you know you have something

crucial to do, to help us awaken others from a dream.

Hey, I am over here.

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